Hi! Vinayak Khandelwal here. Let me tell you something About me..

I am currently a Grad-Student at Johns Hopkins Unviversity, Mastering in Cyber Security(Security Informatics) I like to solving complex problems and in my experience, I can only achieve that with Software. I am currently working for a career in Information Security space, so if you have any Summer Internship opportunities for 2023, I'd really appreciate if you share those with me at: khandelwal.vinayak02@gmail.com

Digital Product Design

Focused and quick-learning Student, who wants to be a Cyber Security Engineer, with previous experience as a Software Engineer, and with knack to solve problems fast and effectively. I am Soft-spoken, calm and determined towards the Goal, want to learn from the best and grow with the best and become The Best.

I have serious interest in Computer forensics and Malware Analysis and Reasearch, so if you have something to talk about it, lets connect. DM me on LinkedIn.

I am from India, with love for cooking(Indian Punjabi food is my speciality), and I also like to do competitive gaming, trekking, Coding, Reading, and much more.

Since you read it all till now, Thank you so much, for visiting and I hope to see you back in my DMs soon. Have a Great Journey Ahead :)

Skills & Freelance Gigs

  • Java
  • Python
  • Problem Solving
  • Shell Scriping
  • JavaScript
  • Debugging
  • Computer Networks
  • Algorithms
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Distributed Applications
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Resolution
  • Threat Modelling
  • MultiThreading, Parallelization, Co-routine
  • Open Source Contribution
  • Django
  • NMap
  • Burpsuite
  • Metasploit
  • Flask
  • AWS
  • Mockito

Blogs & Works

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